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District heating
District cooling
Oil & Gas
District heating
ECOLINE offre sistemi di teleriscaldamento ECOLINE started the production of pre-insulated pipeline systems for district heating network in 1980. Nowadays ECOLINE is one of the European producers with the most extensive experience.

District heating is a system for distributing heat generated in a centralized location for residential and commercial heating requirements. District heating is sustainable, energy-efficient, safe and convenient for consumers.
Potential heat sources for district heating are waste heat from industry, plants burning waste, biomass power plants, geothermal and solarthermal energy, large scale heat pumps, waste heat from cooling purposes and other sustainable energy sources.
A heat exchanger – instead of a local boiler - transfers the heat from the district heating underground network to an internal circulation. Through a district heating network, hot water is provided to consumers to be used as room/floor heating and as domestic/sanitary systems.

Pre-fabricated and pre-insulated pipes, which are directly buried into the ground and operate with lower temperatures, distribute warm water in residential or commercial buildings.

District heating has many benefits. Better energy efficiency, less pollution for the same service. Here following some details:
  • The heat is often obtained by natural resource coming from the same area in which the district heating is placed. This is an eco-friendly way of producing heat
  • The district heating plants are better at reducing emissions of hazardous compounds. The flexibility of district heating allows for substitution to environmentally friendly alternatives. Alternative renewable energy sources are compatible with district heating either directly or indirectly and are generated by natural resources. Renewable energy is greenhouse-neutral, as it does not increase the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
  • District heating plants are convenient for users, who have their heat delivered to their homes. No need to worry over servicing and repairs, people just pay for what they consume. District heating with combined heat and power (CHPDH) is the cheapest method of cutting carbon emissions, and has one of the lowest carbon footprints of all fossil generation plants.
Currently, the 4th generation of district heating is being developed. The 4th generation is designed to combat climate change and integrate high shares of variable renewable energy into the district heating network, with the use of warm water at limited temperatures transferred from high performance pre-insulated pipes and innovative production plants.
District cooling
ECOLINE offre sistemi di teleraffrescamento A District Cooling System ("DCS") produces chilled water within a centralized energy plant and distributes it through underground pipes to buildings connected to the system and provides them with air/fluid-conditioning.
ECOLINE pre-insulated pipes are the best solution for District Cooling Systems.

District Cooling System is recognized to be highly energy efficient compared to equivalent conventional systems being operated at individual buildings. There are main benefits by using a DCS compare to a decentralized cooling system
District Cooling Systems
  • Require much lower capital expenses and have lower operating costs, as they are based on energy diversity sources
  • Are eco-friendly, as they use less electrical power compared to traditional cooling systems
  • Lower the air pollution as they are based on green energy sources
Tubazioni preisolat ECOLINE per il settore industriale ECOLINE solutions are able to offer the best technology and efficiency for every kind of industry: petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food supply, paper mills.
ECOLINE pre-insulated pipes for industry are robust and reliable for transportation of every kind of industrial liquid, both in outside or inside systems.
ECOLINE pre-insulated pipes for industry are perfect for any kind of liquid and are technically advanced for high level temperatures, from -100° to +280°.
ECOLINE pipes are pre-insulated: this lowers the required time to be placed and is a guarantee for installers who can work on a unique phase. This characteristic avoids any kind of problem, from dispersion to condensation as far as cooling systems are concerned.
Oil & Gas
Sistemi di tubazione che minimizzano la dispersione termica per trasporto liquidi e gas ECOLINE is the Italian leading supplier of pre-insulated pipe systems for energy-efficient transportation of liquids and gases for district heating and cooling, marine and industrial purposes as well as oil and gas pipelines. The systems consist of pipes, joints, fittings and surveillance.

ECOLINE is an innovative company that develops, manufactures and delivers thermally pre-insulated and complete energy efficient pipeline systems, designed to meet client specified requirements for LNG as well as onshore and offshore oil and gas applications.

Another great advantage of this system is the fact that the pipe supports are clamped on the outside of the outer HDPE-jacket, avoiding thermal bridges. These pipe supports can be located anywhere on the line and can be made of carbon steel, resulting in a very cost-​effective system that cannot be matched by any other insulation system.

ECOLINE has developed a pre-insulated solution for the large diameter loading lines for onshore LNG-terminals, eliminating any maintenance that traditionally insulated lines require over the service life of a project. The entire system is completely water- and airtight.

Main characteristics of pre-insulated pipe systems: Transport of liquids and gases with temperatures ranging from -200°C to 250°C, using polyurethane (PUR) foam insulation, covered with waterproof, durable and UV-resistant jacket ​pipe made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

ECOLINE system is very durable and versatile system and can cover virtually any diameter required by our clients. Petrochemicals, Oil, Gas and Chilled Water often require special treatment in order to maintain their necessary properties and keep them fluid.

The polyurethane insulation used in our insulated oil pipes guarantees not only excellent thermal insulation but also mechanical protection. High oil temperatures are easily maintained in our pre-insulated oil pipes and the oil remains at a constant viscosity, meaning it can be pumped with greater energy and cost efficiency. The integrated network pipeline monitoring system enables the pipeline to be constantly observed. If damage does occur, the insulated oil pipes can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of ECOLINE pre-insulated oil pipelines :
  • Reduced heat loss, consequently saving energy
  • Minimized environmental issues in the event of damage
  • High protection against corrosion (double)
  • Leaks can be detected at an early stage
  • Lower purchasing and maintenance costs
  • Reduced flow resistance
  • Longer operating life
Our know how
Solutions to reduce the energy consumption
ECOLINE makes use of innovative materials and offers state-of-the-art solutions to ensure thermal insulation and minimize the energy consumption