Icona tubi preisolati impianti industriali
ECOLINE solutions are able to offer the best technology and efficiency for every kind of industry: petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food supply, paper mills.

ECOLINE pre-insulated pipes for industry are robust and reliable for transportation of every kind of industrial liquid, both in outside or inside systems.
ECOLINE pre-insulated pipes for industry are perfect for any kind of liquid and are technically advanced for high level temperatures, from -100° to +280°.
ECOLINE pipes are pre-insulated: this lowers the required time to be placed and is a guarantee for installers who can work on a unique phase. This characteristic avoids any kind of problem, from dispersion to condensation as far as cooling systems are concerned.

ECOLINE is the ideal solution to reduce energy losses

Thanks to the use of innovative materials and advanced know-how we are able to guarantee minimum heat loss values, limiting energy losses



Solutions to reduce the energy consumption

Our pre-insulated pipes are performing to reduce heat loss, for hot or cold liquid temperature